Raspberry Sweet Tea

With layers of inexperienced, white, and crimson, this Watermelon Layer Drink is the sort of amusing summertime drink! Might be tremendous for a watermelon themed birthday party or BBQ.

Raspberry Sweet Tea

This drink is made up of three one of a kind types of drinks and when making those, it's miles all depending on the sugar content of these beverages. The only with the most sugar will go on the lowest, the second maximum sugared liquid goes subsequent, and the one with the least amount of sugar will move on top. In this example, the inexperienced Apple Gatorade changed into the best drink I could locate with a high sufficient sugar content to head on the lowest, with a whopping 22 grams of sugar. Now, I’m seeking to cut lower back on my sugar consumption, so I’m definitely not complaining, but do you understand how tough it's far to discover a white drink that has less that 22 grams of sugar?! answer: very.

Raspberry Sweet Tea


  • Green Apple Gatorade
  • Ice {I prefer the pebble ice from Sonic}
  • SoBe Pacific Coconut Lifewater
  • Fruit Punch G2 Gatorade


  1. Fill your cup to the top with ice.
  2. Pour your Green Apple Gatorade over the ice and let it settle on the bottom.
  3. Pour the SoBe Pacific Coconut Lifewater very slowly over the ice and let it settle on top of the Gatorade.
  4. Add more ice, if needed, to keep it filled to the top. Then pour your Fruit Punch G2 Gatorade slowly over the ice and let it settle on top of the SoBe.
  5. Repeat steps for remaining drinks and enjoy

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