Brazilian Lemonade

Brazilian Lemonade, Brazilian Limeade – anything you want to call it, this is one scrumptious and refreshing drink that we revel in 12 months spherical!

That is considered one of our favorite treats that seems to go perfectly with the entirety.  Of direction it’s a remarkable drink to revel in for the duration of the summer time when the days are long and hot, but it’s additionally fantastic within the winter whilst limes are in season and at their juicy exceptional!

It seems like a bizarre misnomer to name this beverage “lemonade” whilst there aren't any real lemons in it.  but the cause is sincerely because the word for both lemons and limes in Portuguese is limão.  

I’ve also read that that is every so often truly referred to as Swiss Lemonade in Brazil, although I don’t recognize why or whether that’s truely proper.  It can additionally just be a regional call from Brazilian limeade or lemonade, given that Brazil is this kind of big united states!


  •  6 cups water
  •  1 cup sugar
  •  4 juicy limes, washed and scrubbed clean
  •  6 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk


  1. Wash limes thoroughly by, scrubbing the skin with hand or dish soap to remove any pesticides or wax.  Slice off the ends of each lime, then cut them into 1/8ths.  
  2. In a blender, combine half of the water, half of the sugar, and half of the limes, then pulse 5-7 times.  Pour through a fine-mesh strainer into a pitcher, pressing the lime pulp with a spoon to help release juices, then discarding the remaining skins and pulp.  Repeat with the other half of the water, sugar, and limes.
  3. Stir the sweetened condensed milk into the limeade and serve with lots of ice and thin slices of lime for garnish.  If the drink tastes bitter at all, you can add a little extra sweetened condensed milk or sugar as needed.

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